HER - The film

Hi guys ! 

Last night I've watch Her, the last Spike Jonze's film. 
Movie characters describe their feelings so well that we want to mark all their sentences on paper to remember how to align some words to explain what it feels like .The script is very original and somewhat destabilizing because we can easily imagine that the world will be like that in a few decades (which I don't necessarily want when we see how the character feels alone), also obtaining Oscar for best screenplay proves that we are not dealing with something in common ...However, I blame the film to be a bit too slow during some scenes, there is a lot of dialogue between the main character ( a human being ) and the woman he meets ( a computer program ) so it's often unique plans on Theodore's face ... in fact this film could be heard on the radio , it would be as good as the film is  ... but the images of the film are really nice, clean , relaxing and makes you want to be more attentive to what surrounds us ...An original film , touching, ahead of its time ... and that makes you want to open up to others before it 's too late. 

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